Our story

Gardin Studio began in 2020 as a portfolio site for art and design, it has now grown with our first launch of prints and become a home for art, design, home decor and more. 


All the prints you'll find on the website are original, they are all hand-drawn and inspired by daily life.  Each one of our pieces are designed to give off calm, nostalgia, and a sense of well-being. We take pride in our easy going and habitual style and hope we can share that among our community.


We are constantly learning and growing and thank those that support us everyday.

Graphic Design Services

Based out of the okanagan valley, we're able to work on local and non-local projects.

With over 8 years of design experience, we specialize in professional illustration, custom branding, social media curating, and both web and print layout design. 


We help you create your story, one that fits with your style, brand and viewers.  Using simplicity and doing away with non-essential design.

The Team

All of the prints are done by designer and illustrator Shauna Gardiner.  Born and raised in small town Penticton Canada.  Shauna has been drawing for over 10 years and has graduated with her DGD in 2020. After graduating she decided to pursue her art and open an online store - Gardin Studio as well as provide graphic design services for brands who are seeking simple and

timeless design. 

Among the team is the unwavering support from friends, family and like-minded people who have helped to get this dream a reality. And also at the root of any business is it's customers, without you none of this would be possible, with every click, like and purchase you are supporting a dream, and we thank you.